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COVID 19 Update - Government Restrictions Lifted

Church is now free of government restrictions regarding Covid-19. This means the 150
person cap on a worship service no longer exists. All our services are back to pre-epidemic
times. The government recommends the wearing of masks in some settings, mainly for aged
care and hospital facilities. If you wish to wear a mask in the church setting feel free and we
recommend that if you are feeling sick or have flu or cold type symtpoms remain at home.
Whilst our “church online” service delivery has ceased you can still see the service or
sermon online via youtube or through our website.

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Church is going online due to latest restrictions

With the latest government restrictions coming into effect on March 3, we have assessed the short to medium term options available to our church community in light of the 150 person cap on a worship service.
The numbers restrictions will generally not affect our other ministries due to their size (Pipeline/Youth/Life and Essentials courses, plus any of our Growth Groups with less than ten people in a private dwelling), so our only concern is the limitation upon our Sunday gatherings.  
We have taken the difficult, but necessary decision to move church online, commencing this Sunday.  The Premier, Mark McGowan,  has stated that stage two restrictions will remain in place for at least a month, though this may be extended. We will assess any future decisions in light of this.
As in the past, we will keep you up to date each week with what we are doing, to encourage you in the gospel whatever life throws at us.  
We encourage you to get together with your family (and any number up to ten!) as Dan preaches to us about Magnification, the latest in our Purpose Built series.  Please click on North Coast Church YouTube channel to watch church online. 
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Christmas Day Update

Dear North Coast community,

With the government’s announcement that masks must be worn indoors over the Christmas period, we at NCC will be adhering to government protocols during this time. This clearly means that if you wish to attend our Christmas Day service, you must wear a mask.

While it is inconvenient, it is necessary, and can I take this time to remind us all that if our hope, peace, joy and love springs from external circumstances, or are things we have to manufacture or maintain, then we may be looking for these things in the wrong places. Let our joy come from Jesus, even if we are masked up on the day.

Please ensure you have the SafeWA app installed on your phone so that you can scan the QR code on your way in. That will be important on Christmas morning. We can still sing, with masks on, and we will still be able to rejoice together at the good news of God incarnate! So let’s gather as we can and praise our Redeemer and Savior,

If you have concerns or health issues and do decide to stay away on Christmas morning, please be assured of our love and support during this time. You will also be able to watch the sermon through our North Coast YouTube channel.
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In Person Gatherings Resume

With restrictions around gathering sizes lifted in Perth, and a return to Phase 5 conditions, we are no longer required to limit the attendance sizes of our services, or adhere to limits per square metre.  This will commence from Sunday 17th July NCC. We would still please ask you to register your attendance upon entry into the building either electronically or manually.

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This Sunday's service online

In light of the current COVID-19 restrictions, specifically the maximum of 150 people, this Sunday’s service will be online. Tune in to the North Coast YouTube channel at 8.30am. Here is a sneak peek into this week’s service:

Most people who are Christian become Christian before the age of 20. That’s why our Children’s and Youth Ministries are so vital: we get to disciple, and help parents disciple, young disciples! This week, we’ll be in your lounge room (via Youtube of course!) hearing from those who work with our youth and kids, explaining how the Jesus who transformed their lives can transform the lives of our children and young people.

Kids’ program this Sunday

This Sunday, our kids will look at Luke 5:1-11. Simon Peter meets Jesus and his life is changed forever! To access the video and activity sheets, click this link: If you haven’t used Quizworx before, you’ll need to create a free account.

Next Sunday’s service
If the COVID restrictions ease as currently indicated, we expect to be able to gather together in person on Sunday 18 July 2021 – praise God! Check our Coronavirus webpage for the most recent updates. 
Adjourned AGM
Join us for the remainder of our AGM on Sunday 25 July 2021. We will have the 8.30am service followed by the AGM at 10.00am (no 10.30am service). Our 6.00pm service will continue as usual. 
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Winterfest 2021 cancelled

In light of the COVID-19 restrictions in place next week, we are sad to announce that we need to cancel Winterfest 2021. With 182 kids registered and 125 volunteers signed up, we would exceed the 150-person limit required by the WA Government. 

Parents, we will contact you with details about refunds next week. 

Because we love Winterfest so much, we have thought through various possibilities about how we may still be able to run Winterfest. Unfortunately, for the reasons noted below, we don’t think that we can:

Can we reduce the size of Winterfest so that it fits within the 150-person limit? We would hate to have to choose which kids & volunteers can and cannot come. We also don’t think we’d be able to do and communicate this within the short time-frame. We’d much rather do Winterfest 2022 with everyone there!

Can we reschedule Winterfest either to the second week of school holidays or another week later in the year? A lot of planning & preparation that goes into Winterfest and much of this is date-specific. Many of the 182 kids registered, 125 volunteers signed up and workshops we have booked may not be available in another week. We think it best to wait until July 2022, at which stage we will hopefully have more certainty around the impact of COVID. 

We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused and truly hope that you can join us for Winterfest next year!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us:

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In-person gatherings suspended until further notice

In light of the current COVID lockdown, all in-person gatherings this week are postponed. This includes Growth Group, Revive Prayer, North Coast Youth, Sunday services and the adjourned AGM. 
This Sunday’s service will be online. Tune in to the North Coast YouTube channel from 8.30am as we conclude our series, “Who do you think you are?”, with Tony Spencer, lead pastor from Gosnells Baptist Church, looking at Ephesians 4:1-16.
This Sunday, we will use a kids program provided by Quizworx looking at Mark 10:13-16, ‘what does Jesus think about kids’? To access the video and activity sheets, click on this link. You will need to create an account with Quizworx, if you have not before, but it is free. 
We will determine whether or not we can proceed with Winterfest once the WA Government announces what will happen from Saturday onwards.
Keep monitoring this webpage for the most recent updates.
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In-person gatherings this week postponed

In light of the WA Government’s transitional restrictions, we will postpone all in-person gatherings for this week. This includes Revive Prayer, Pipeline, North Coast Youth, the Sunday services & Welcome Lunch. We encourage you to do this week’s Growth Group study as a family. 
This Sunday’s service will be online. Tune in to the North Coast YouTube channel at 8.30am as we conclude our series, “Being the Bad Guys”, by looking at what 1 Corinthians 1 says about navigating the tension of living in proximity to the world yet holding the values of God’s kingdom. 
In these challenging times, we are reminded of God’s words in Isaiah 55:10-11:
For as the rain and the snow come down from heaven and do not return there but water the earth, making it bring forth and sprout, giving seed to the sower and bread to the eater, so shall my word be that goes out from my mouth; it shall not return to me empty but it shall accomplish that which I purpose, and shall succeed in the thing for which I stent it. 
Despite the uncertainty & concern created by COVID-19, one thing is certain: God’s word will continue to achieve His purposes and will accomplish everything He desires. Join us in continuing to listen to and trust our gracious Father’s word to us, and allowing Him to grow us more and more in the likeness of His Son, Jesus Christ. 
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All in-person gatherings this weekend postponed

As a result of the 3-day lock down effective from 12 midnight tonight, all in person programs at the church for this weekend have been cancelled, including North Coast Youth scheduled for this evening.

Sunday’s service will be available on the North Coast Church YouTube channel from 8.30AM on Sunday morning as we continue with the third instalment of the series “Being the Bad Guys”.

This Sunday, we will use a kids program provided by Quizworx, which can be accessed here: There is a video on how ‘God works suffering for good’ and activity sheets that can be downloaded (different sheets are available for different ages). When clicking on the link, you will need to create a Quizworx account but this is free. 

Join with us as God’s Word continues to be preached at North Coast Church.

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Physical gatherings resume from Sunday 14 February

As you are likely aware, WA is currently subject to various restrictions as we transition out of lockdown. These restrictions are currently expected to be lifted at midnight on Saturday. For more information about this, see here:

In light of this, we plan to gather together in person this Sunday 14 February. This Sunday will be the start of our new sermon series in 1 Samuel titled ‘The King’s Gambit’. In anticipation of this, we encourage you to read 1 Samuel 1 and watch the Bible Project video on 1 Samuel available here:
We have also rescheduled our various programs and events to kick off again from next week; here are the revised dates:
  • Growth Group Leaders meeting will be on Sunday 14 February;
  • Playgroup will start on Tuesday 16 February;
  • Life will start on Wednesday 17 February (the course will be consolidated from 4 weeks to 3 weeks);
  • Revive Prayer will kick off on Thursday 18 February;
  • North Coast Youth and Pipeline will kick off on Friday 19 February;
  • SERVE is rescheduled to Saturday 20 February – volunteers will be contacted to RSVP for this new date;
  • Advance Sunday is rescheduled to Sunday 21 February;
  • We will next have communion on Sunday 7 March;
  • Hymns & Psalms will kick off on Wednesday 10 March (no event in February).
If you have any queries, please contact us on (08) 6117 2690 or
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This Sunday 7 February, our service will be online

Given the uncertainty created by the current lockdown, we have decided to host this Sunday’s service online. This decision gives all of us certainty and allows us to proactively plan ahead, rather than have to change plans last minute if the lockdown is extended or some restrictions remains in place.
In light of this, Advance Sunday will be postponed. We will confirm a rescheduled date for this as more advice around the lockdown becomes available.

Sunday’s service will be available on the North Coast Church YouTube channel from 8.30AM on Sunday morning and we will be finishing our series titled SERVED. There will also be:

  • A video for preschoolers on the North Coast Kids playlist on our YouTube channel; and
  • An activity sheet for school-aged children linked in the description to that video.
Next Sunday, we will begin a new series in 1 Samuel titled “The King’s Gambit” – here’s a sneak peek:
The people are leaderless. The ministers are godless. Things feel hopeless. Where is God? Does he care? Welcome to the nation of Israel in 1 Samuel. Like a cosmic game of chess, Israel is frantically holding her opponents at bay. Divided and weak, her people are being picked off. They need a king to rescue them! Into this picture, God makes his move. And he does so in a radical way: through the weakest pawn of all on the board; a barren despised woman who has cried herself dry. Just when Israel sees only defeat and death, God brings victory and life.
Now, imagine if God could make the same move today…
Join with us as God’s Word continues to be preached at North Coast Church.
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SERVE postponed

In light of the uncertainty created by the current lockdown, we have decided to postpone the SERVE event scheduled for this Saturday. We will confirm the rescheduled date as more advice around the lockdown becomes available.

Please continue to check this webpage for the latest updates.

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No 6pm church tonight and church events postponed

Perth will go into a 5-day lockdown from 6pm tonight: This means there will be no 6pm church tonight and all church events up to Friday 5 February have been postponed. This includes Growth Groups, Playgroup, Revive Prayer and North Coast Youth.

If you were planning on coming to 6pm tonight, you can watch the sermon recorded this morning here:

We will provide you with updates as the situation develops so watch this space.

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COVID safety at NCC

Before you join us on Sunday, please watch our COVID safety video which sets out:

  1. What we are doing to minimise the risk of COVID at NCC; 
  2. What you can expect coming to church (it will be different!); and 
  3. How you can help us to make NCC a COVID safe environment for everyone.
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Re-launch survey

We are so excited to be re-launching our physical gatherings on 9 August! As we prepare and plan to welcome people through the doors again, we want to hear from you! Please take 2 minutes to let us know where you are at by completing this survey:

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Sunday gatherings planned to recommence on 9 August 2020

In light of the WA Government’s announcement yesterday that WA restrictions will be eased further on 27 June and 18 July, we are excited to announce that our 3 Sunday gatherings (8.30am, 10.30am and 6pm) will recommence on Sunday 9 August 2020. Praise God!

This will allow the ministry teams and volunteers time to plan and prepare for the re-launch of our physical gatherings. It will also provide time to see whether WA’s position is negatively impacted by the restrictions easing before re-launching. As a result, we will be able to recommence with confidence and clarity.

Watch this space – we will provide more details and information in the coming weeks!

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Return to physical gatherings plan

We are excited to be able to recommence some of our smaller gatherings in light of the WA Government’s announcement on Friday that Phase 3 of the WA Roadmap will come into effect on 6 June 2020. 
Please see our Return to physical gatherings plan which sets out which gatherings will recommence and when. Most of the gatherings that restart will do so in Term 3, but some will restart from next week:
In compliance with government requirements and advice, and out of love for people, all gatherings at North Coast Church will comply with these safety measures
We look forward to continuing to see God work both through online and physical gatherings by drawing people to Himself, through Jesus Christ, for His glory. 
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Growth Group and Pastoral Care update

Update for all NCC Growth Groups: We can’t meet physically but we can still grow in Christ together and love one another.

As you know, recent government mandated limitations on social groups makes meeting physically as Growth Groups very unwise. BUT that doesn’t stop Jesus from growing His church! We can’t meet physically but we can still grow in Christ together and love one another.

Here are some ways you can continue to growth together in this difficult time.

1. Pray for your Growth Group regularly

  • Share prayer updates and requests
  • Pray for each individual in your group
  • Share some resources to help you pray (e.g. Prayermate)

2. Communicate with each other every week

  • Use email, text, WhatsApp etc.
  • Give each other a call

3. Engage with the Growth Group studies each week

4. Identify any needs in your group and form a plan to care for each other

  • Ask your others in your group how they are doing
  • Care individually for people in need
  • Contact our Pastoral Care Team if needed
  • See the ‘Pastoral Care – Coronavirus Response’ attachment below for more details

5. Gather together online each week

  • For those who are able ZOOM is a very easy platform to meet as a group online 
  • Alternatively, see what other tools are available to gather online in the attachment below

6. Join North Coast Live in the Lounge each Wednesday Night

  • This will be a Facebook live event each Wednesday night 7:30pm
  • Live acoustic praise and a comforting Word from God
  • North Coast Live in the Lounge will also be available on YouTube after the event
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Suspending public gatherings at NCC in response to COVID-19

Jesus. People. Eternity. These are our top three priorities at NCC.

In order to do the second of these three priorities, we have made the decision to suspend all public gatherings of NCC until further notice. This includes Essentials which was due to begin tonight as well as Pipeline Kids Club, North Coast Youth, Gospel Man which was due to take place this Saturday 21st March, and all Sunday gatherings. The only meeting which will continue at this stage is the Thursday morning Revive prayer meeting.

Growth Groups will continue entirely at the discretion of those groups. Please be in touch with your Growth Group leader. Growth Groups remain our best vehicle of practical care in our church. We have published some helpful information for all the Growth Groups which can be accessed below.

In order to continue with the first of our three priorities, we continue to do everything we can to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ, the only solid hope in tumultuous times. To this end we are continuing our preaching series in the book of Romans which will be broadcast online. We believe that at times like this people need the rock-solid steady preaching of God’s word more than ever. Countless Christians in previous centuries have found the regular preaching of God’s word provides priceless comfort in all circumstances.

In order to access the sermons please see our website for details. Furthermore, we are putting things in place and purchasing the necessary equipment that will enable us to begin livestreaming church services.

As regards the third of our priorities, we continue to look to eternity. The moment we became followers of Jesus Christ this world was taken from us. We died to the world and we are strangers and aliens in it. And so we look up and look forward to the world where no virus will ever enter. Keep your eyes fixed on Jesus seated at God’s right hand and continue to rejoice that He is Lord of all.

As John Newton said, “Nothing hinders God’s wisdom and goodness. Every drop of rain hits its appointed target and every dust particle is carried by the wind to its appointed resting place.” Trust our Father, everything is going exactly according to His perfect plan for all eternity.

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FAQ re Coronavirus and NCC

Why would we suspend NCC Sunday gatherings?

Here are our top 3 reasons

  • We will reach more people with the word of God. Because of the coronavirus, some people are staying away from our Sunday gatherings and therefore are not under the preached word. Suspending Sunday gatherings and streaming the sermons instead for everyone will reach more of NCC and beyond. 
  • We want to love people and care for their health (and minimise risk to NCC). Some folk have returned from overseas and have come to our gatherings. This is something we can’t avoid. Suspending Sunday gatherings means we are ahead of the game in caring for those at risk
  • The Government recommends this and is very likely to ban smaller gatherings soon. Yes, we’re not at 500 people at the moment but we’re close. The wise and godly move is to follow the Govt. advice. 

How will sermons be available online?

We will do everything we can to enable you to have access to the preaching of God’s word. Sermons will be available each Sunday morning through our website and available for you to watch and listen afterwards. The front page will give you the option to either listen or watch online. Alternatively, you can also access our sermons through Spotify or YouTube

Will NCC livestream the whole Sunday service? When will that happen?

We are looking to move our Sundays from physical gatherings to online gatherings. We are currently working towards livestreaming our Sunday services. This requires a significant cost and an upgrade in our hardware. We hope to have services livestreaming on Sundays in the very near future.

When will we be able to meet normally as church again?

We are not sure when we will be able to resume normal Sunday gatherings at NCC. We have high level medical professionals advise us and will obviously also adhere to the government guidelines.

Are there other things I can do to grow as a Christian while there’s no Sunday gatherings?

There are many ways to continue to grow in Jesus Christ despite the postponement of our Sunday gatherings. Under the RESOURCES tab on our website you will find sermons, Bible devotions, Growth Group studies, publications and online training. If you’d like to access our RESOURCE POINT to purchase books please email us:

Is there an online ministry for kids and youth at NCC?

Our Kids and Youth Pastors are working on producing online talks and activities for our young people. Please check the website for more details. For some suggestions on how to talk to your children about how we as Christians can understand and process everything related to the coronavirus, here’s a helpful article.

Who do I contact if I have a specific need during this time?

If you are a member of North Coast and have a specific need for help, your first point of contact will be your Growth Group Leader. If you are not in a Growth Group, then please email us:

Where should I go to find out the latest updates about North Coast?

Your one stop shop, your place to go for all the latest news and updates is our website:

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Recommendations and Resources for Growth Groups

With a desire to love our neighbors as ourselves and an abundance of caution for the members of our church and community amidst a global pandemic that is affecting our nation, as of Sunday, March 22, all North Coast gatherings will be suspended and our preaching series will be broadcast online until further notice. More information about what this means and why we have made this decision is available at

So, what does this mean for various groups in our church who are used to gathering together in person on a regular basis? We have many different types and sizes of groups across our church family, and this document applies to all of those types and sizes – basically, to any group of church members who normally gather together to care for one another, grow as disciples, or make disciples. The following includes recommendations as well as resources for such groups and their leaders. We will continually update this document with new information as the situation surrounding the coronavirus (COVID-19) develops.


Our over-arching recommendation for groups is to work hard to keep the members of your group as biblically (see Romans 12:9-13) and closely connected to one another as is wisely possible. The obvious question this statement raises is, “What is wise?” We have already stated that we do not believe it is wise for the hundreds of members of our church to gather for worship as we normally do because of the risks involved with potentially exposing many people to this different and distinct virus.

As a growth group leader or Titus 2 leader, you are best equipped to know the people in your groups and are best placed to know if a similar potential to exposure might exist. And so, we suggest you apply your wisdom accordingly if you should meet or not. Please keep up to date with the latest government requirements as this may preclude meeting at some point. 

In addition, we recommend that you go out of your way to cultivate personal contact with each other. Make phone calls to members of your group, text frequently (either individually or in group texts), email encouragement, or use other social media channels like WhatsApp or Facebook (both of which have functionality for groups) to stay connected.


We strongly recommend the following precautions for the good not only of the people who are gathering, but of all the people you will interact with after your gathering.

  • Do not attend if you are sick, experiencing any symptoms of the coronavirus (COVID-19), or if you have been exposed to someone with the coronavirus (COVID-19).
  • Fully disinfect all surfaces before and after your gathering.
  • Wash your hands with soap and water (for at least 20 seconds) upon arrival at the gathering and upon returning to your home.
  • Either wash hands or make use of hand sanitizer as appropriate during the gathering.
  • Avoid hand-shaking and hugging, opting instead for gestures like elbow bumping that avoid skin-to-skin contact.
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, or mouth with unwashed hands.
  • Cover any cough or sneeze.
  • Serve any food or drink individually.
  • Maintain appropriate distance between members of different households and their belongings.

It is possible that some members of a group may feel comfortable gathering in person while other members of a group may not feel comfortable gathering in person. We encourage group leaders to be understanding and supportive of each person’s conscience, and to find appropriate or helpful ways to include members of a group who are not present physically (online, by phone, or through other means).


Sermon Series: Each week you will be able to watch or listen to the talks online and we are working towards live streaming the service for you. Click here to access the same.

Growth Group Studies: We will continue to provide growth group studies that complement the preaching. We encourage you to also each week watch a recorded version of the talk which can also fuel discussion among group members during the week. Click here to access the same.

Daily Bible Meditations: Each meditation is exactly 500 words to help you discover the diamond in the text. Click here to access the same.


We encourage group leaders to start by putting together a plan (even if that plan is only for the next week, and will be updated for following weeks) for how your group will stay closely connected with each other. Then, share that plan with your entire group, and create a clear avenue of communication with you and with each other. This might be over a group email, a group text, WhatsApp or another platform. Try to include in your communication any specific details you have about when and how your group will next meet together. Direct your people to watch or listen to the talks online each week. God’s word will continue to be a comfort to us during these times.

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