North Coast Church


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WEDNesday Nights

7pm start

Runs for 3 weeks

YOLO – You Only Live Once.  Maybe you’ve seen it on a t-shirt or a cap. Maybe you’ve got the t-shirt or the cap! And if it’s true, that you only live once, then you’d better get as much as you can out of this one life. Because once it’s gone…

But what if there’s more to life than just living it once? What if there is something to aim for beyond cramming in as much as you can into seventy revolutions around the sun? What if life has a meaning and a goal beyond what you can imagine? 

What if…?

In this informal, relaxed (and short!) course in the cafe we’re going to be exploring something beyond YOLO.

Life as it should be
Life as it has become
Life as it can be
Life as it will be

Our motto:  Feel no pressure, ask lots of questions.

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