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is this as good as it gets?

Begins 30th October

Wednesday Nights

7pm start

Runs for 4 weeks

Most people live life as if this is as good as it gets. Sure, we all know that it isn’t perfect and we all wish for something better but hey, lets keep it real, this is all we can hope for – right?
Not according to Jesus.

When Jesus was on earth He spoke about life. Life as it should be. He said, ‘I came that that they may have life and have it abundantly.’ He was so committed to achieving something better than this life He gave up His life so that we can find the life He offers us.

So, let’s explore life.

In this short 4 week course we will be thinking about these questions:

Week 1 – What’s the point of life?
Week 2 – What makes life so hard?
Week 3 – What will make life better?
Week 4 – Is death really stronger than life?
The format is relaxed, informal with absolutely no pressure to do anything. All questions are welcomed.

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