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Our Leadership & Team

We are a team who are passionate about one main thing, making much of Jesus Christ.

Our Team

Duane Olivier

Lead Pastor

Duane is responsible for the overall vision and direction of North Coast Church as it is set out in the gospel of Jesus Christ. He is our primary preacher, teacher and evangelist, and as such is responsible for the proclamation of the gospel through all Scripture at North Coast. Other than the Lord Jesus and everything to do with Him, Duane loves his wife, his kids, and playing in the ocean.

Our Team

Matt Malcolm

Associate Lead Pastor

Matt is responsible for the implementation of the vision and direction of North Coast Church as it is set out in the gospel of Jesus Christ. Although he also has a role in the preaching, teaching and vision of North Coast, his primary task is to oversee implementation across the whole church. He “puts feet to the dream” by giving more immediate oversight to organization, planning, development, staffing, coordination, direction and evaluation of all ministries of the church. 

He also oversees our Sunday gatherings. Matt loves his Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, his wife Kinny, his three children; Kate, Sam and Lucy and anything that gets things done!

Our Team

Gemma Bronkhorst

Ministry Coordinator & Acting Business Manager

As Ministry Coordinator, Gemma is responsible for overseeing the recruitment, training and encouragement of volunteers to serve together effectively at North Coast Church, using their gifts to build up the body of Christ. As the Acting Business Manager, Gemma is responsible for overseeing North Coast Church’s legal, property and financial matters with the support of the Ministry Support Council. In addition to having a heart for Jesus and people, Gemma also loves her husband, Willie, and their dog, Hazel.

Our Team

Paul Iswariah

Membership Pastor

Paul is responsible for building our membership at North Coast, which means he helps us all express our fellowship in Christ by nurturing a community where newcomers are intentionally welcomed, connected to and integrated into the life of our church serving and caring as members of each other.

Paul is married to Natalie, has three kids, loves fig jam on toast and a good game of cricket if he gets the chance.

Our Team

Henry Harding

Associate Membership Pastor (Care), Maintenance Coordinator

Henry is married to Helen and they have three married children and six grandchildren. Having come from Ireland as a six year old Henry was brought up in a Christian home here in Perth, but he didn’t become a true follower of Jesus till he was 33 years of age.

He has a background in the printing trade spending 22 years at the Government Printing Office, mainly as a proof reader. After studying at Trinity Theological College later in life, he entered full time ministry in 2002 as the sole Pastor of a country Baptist Church in the south of WA. Since returning to Perth in 2011 he has been in mainly part-time Pastoral Care roles. Henry loves to visit people and listen to their stories as well as share something of his own story of God’s grace in his life.

Our Team

Joe Wilson

Youth Pastor

Joe is passionate about telling youth the good news of Jesus. He wants to see youth ruthlessly putting their sin to death so that they can see who they are in Jesus Christ. He is married to Victoria, and has two children, Isla, and Theo.

Our Team

Cameron Bargebos

Associate Magnification Pastor (Music)

Cam was in the construction industry as a carpenter and ceiling fixer until early 2018. He is currently working for North Coast Church part-time as the Associate Magnification Pastor, and studying full time at Trinity Theological College. Cam has been involved in leading music at churches and conferences around the country for the last ten years, and now takes great joy in leading our church in worship and coordinating our music teams.

Cam is married to his wife Rachel, and you can usually see the rest of the Bargerbos tribe – Ruby, Daniel and Mayah – running around after church and pinching all the biscuits. they are expecting their fourth child in early March 2019.

Our Team

AJ Veale

Women’s Ministry Co-ordinator

AJ is responsible for making sure the women of our church are trained and equipped to disciple others, preparing them for mission and providing opportunities for them to grow and evangelise.  AJ loves getting into a good book, playing with her dog, and hanging out with her husband.

Our Team

Rachelle van Zijl

Children’s Ministry Pastor

Rachelle’s desire is for kids to know Jesus as their saviour and friend. She is responsible, alongside her husband, Al, for overseeing and coordinating the children’s ministry. Rachelle is also a second year apprentice with the campus ministry at ECU (The Gospel Stand) where she enjoys meeting up with women to read the bible and grow in their love for Jesus together.

Our Team

Al Van Zijl

Children’s Ministry Pastor

Al is responsible for making sure that kids are shown the unrivalled worth of Jesus. This is the best job ever, he gets to tell kids about the person he loves most. He also thinks kids are the best because they’re so enthusiastic about discovering and understanding anything new and they won’t hold back speaking their minds. Al is married to Rachelle and still can’t believe she said yes to him. He believes he has the best of both worlds, he shares the job he loves with the woman he loves. In his spare time he loves playing guitar, spending time with mates, drinking a quality coffee, playing tennis, watching basketball, reading, and watching flicks with his wife.

Our Team

Hennie Niemand

Associate Youth Pastor (Self-Funded) and Sunday Logistic Coordinator

As an Associate Youth Pastor at North Coast Church, Hennie aims to bring the youth to Jesus through fun and engaged gospel relationships. When he’s not busy at youth, he loves his footy and the outdoors. His goal for 2020 is to become fit for full time paid ministry and growth in understanding grace more practically.

Our Team

Daniel Willis

6pm Focus Pastor

Dan has been involved in ministry both full and part time capacities for the past 10 years. He is currently working for North Coast Church part-time as the 6pm Focus Pastor, and working as a coach in the fitness industry. Dan has been involved in leading music, youth ministries and preaching in churches and other gatherings around South Africa and recently Australia for the last 12 years. He now has responsibility of the 6pm service and enjoys the privilege of focusing the community around God’s Word, His worship and the fellowship of His people.

Dan’s crew is made up of his wife, Kirsty and his 2 minions Sophie and Evan.

Our Team

Ameetha Alagan


Ameetha manages the day-to-day finances of North Coast Church. She’s grateful to God for giving her the opportunity to be part of a beautiful church family who are always there to support her in every aspect of life, from spiritual growth to keeping her calories down!

Our Team

Carol Little

Office Administrator

Carol counts it an honour and a privilege to provide administrative assistance to the ministry teams to help them achieve their goals and in some small way be contributing to the furthering of the gospel. She is Paul’s wife, Gemma and Jordan’s mother and Willie’s mother-in-law. 

Our Team

Stuart Howard

AV & IT Volunteer

I volunteer two days a week at the church focusing on all things related to audio and visuals on Sunday.
The rest of the week I teach Robotics engineering to year 7-10s at Alkimos Baptist College.

Account Name: MTS Stuart Howard
BSB: 016006
Account number: 294762114

Our Team

Michael Welham

Associate Youth Pastor (self-funded)

Michael is passionate about bringing the gospel to anyone who will listen. He is a qualified teacher and is completing his final semester of a three-year degree at Trinity Theological College. As an Associate Youth Pastor, Michael is keen to see young people’s hearts come alive to the reality that there is nobody more satisfying than Jesus. He is married to Emma and they have two children: Zac and Olivier. In his spare time, Michael enjoys dates with Emma, walk-up evangalism, reading, camping and board games. His desire is to work in full-time ministry long term. 

Account name: Michael Welham
BSB: 016006
Account number: 417997571

Our Team

Kieran Nish

Young Adults Intern

Kieran completed a two year apprenticeship at North Coast Church and is studying full time at Trinity Theological College. During his apprenticeship, Kieran started and oversaw the Young Adults ministry area and will be continuing to serve in this area under the leadership of Joe Wilson.
Kieran is aiming to grow in His understanding of God’s Word and his ability to communicate it effectively to others through preaching and 121 discipleship. He and his wife Tallie are looking forward to serving together at the Young Adults Growth Group and Sunday evening meetings.

Account Name: Kieran Nish
BSB: 016006
Account number: 307108809

Our Team

Hwinnie Loy

Ministry Intern

God has given me a heart for people worldwide who have not yet properly heard the gospel. I hope to serve overseas in ministry to unreached people groups in the future. The internship will equip me to serve in almost any evangelical church-planting team.
I’m praying the Lord will enable me to be a faithful Bible teacher to preach His message to myself and others. The apprenticeship gives the opportunity to be trained in word-based discipleship, including one-to-one studies, small group studies, and ministry to different age groups and cultures.
My family moved from Singapore to Perth when I was eight years old. I have two fluffy ragdoll cats. When I’m free, I enjoy jogging, hiking, motorbiking, Pilates, or catching up over coffee.

Account Name: Hwin Loy
BSB: 016006
Account number: 417997563

Our Team

Alex Croote

Ministry Intern

Alex used to be in the IT business world; now he works as a Pastoral Carer in aged care. He is married to Esther, has 6 children, 2 grandchild and 1 dog. 

Alex says that the reality of what Jesus did for him has fundamentally changed his life and what he wants to do with his time. 

Our Team

Paul Marais

Ministry Intern

Paul loves the gospel and can’t wait to talk about how good Jesus is to people. He is married to Jing and together, they have been active in church life for a few years. Paul is undertaking a ministry internship to gain vital skills he hopes to use when he and Jing look to move up to Derby to minister with Kingdom Aviation. The gospel has radically changed his life and he longs to be an instrument used by God so that others lives are changed by the gospel as well. He enjoys reading the Bible with others, smoking meat and flying. 

Account Name: Paul Marais
BSB: 016006
Account number: 204511371

Our Team

Matt Libardi

Ministry Intern

Matt is interning at NCC throughout 2020/21, trying his hand at all areas of ministry to discern his ability to serve the Lord in ministry. Stepping away from a growing small business in carpentry, he’s excited to further grow in devotion, understanding and joy in Jesus, and to be better equipped to share that with all who cross his path.

 Aside from a heart gripped and enamoured by God and His word, Matt is the rambunctious husband to the beautiful and humble Misha, and father to 3 amazing blessings, Gabe, Aria and Levi.

Outside of ministry, Matt loves getting away from the big smoke, practising his trade and pretty much running a general muck with his family.

Account Name: Matt Libardi
BSB: 016006
Account number: 417997598

Our Team

Ewen Lin

ECU Joondalup Campus Partner

Ewen’s sole job is to turn an entire university campus to Christ by leading students and volunteers together in preaching the gospel publicly. His favourite place in the world is right next to his wife.

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