We are a church for anyone. It doesn’t matter where you are in life, where you’re from or where you’ve been – there’s something for everyone at NORTH COAST. We offer great kids’ and youth programs on a Sunday and mid-week, and you can find out more about our ministries here on our website, or by getting in touch. We hope to see you soon!

Our Vision & Mission

Where are we headed?

Our Vision

(What end result do we see)

We see JESUS Christ standing

with crowds of PEOPLE from Perth and beyond 

made alive by His Spirit through His gospel

 and delighting in Him for all ETERNITY

to the glory of God the Father

Our Mission

(Why do we exist?)

To magnify the glory of God

by being a growing gospel centred church

 giving people compelling reason to turn to Jesus Christ

by preaching His gospel through all Scripture

in the context of a loving, disciple making Christian community

for the eternal good of all people


(What we will do to reach our vision)

  • Message – we will ensure that our preaching is a biblically faithful exposition of the gospel that is real, passionate and persuasive.
  • Magnification – we will centre our gatherings on the preaching of the gospel and help people to gladly adore God with their affections as they build each other up.
  • Membership – we will strive to build a community where new people are connected to our church and everyone gives and receives practical care.
  • Maturity – we will disciple Christians to grow in their faith, hope and love and make gospel driven decisions in all of their life.
  • Ministry – we will encourage and equip all God’s people to find their place in God’s family as they actively participate in our mission and become disciple-makers.
  • Mission – we will actively look for every opportunity to evangelise everyone we come into contact with and help Christians to engage our community for this purpose.
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