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Oversight Board

The governing body of North Coast Church Incorporated (the Association)

Christ governs North Coast Church Inc (the Association) through His word. It is the authority and responsibility of a group of Elders called the Oversight Board to ensure that this remains the case. While the Oversight Board has overall responsibility for the Church, authority is delegated to various other entities to undertake particular functions in its operations.

The Oversight Board consists of at least 6 persons, including: 

  1. the office holders of the Association; and
  2. the Assistant Lead Pastor, and
  3. not less than three Members who are not office holders. 

The office holders of the Association are: 

  1. the Lead Pastor;
  2. the Secretary, and
  3. the Treasurer (who may also be the Business Manager). 

An Oversight Board Member must: 

  1. meet the eldership qualifications as outlined in 1 Timothy 3, and
  2. have been a Member for at least 2 years, and
  3. have been a Congregational Elder for at least one year; and 
  4. agree to uphold the Statement of Beliefs, and
  5. agree to promote the Purpose of the Association, and
  6. not be a Ministry Team Leader, other than the Lead Pastor and Assistant Lead Pastor.

Oversight Board Members are appointed to the Oversight Board by election at an AGM or Special General Meeting of members.

Our current Oversight Board

John King

Hi I’m John King and am married to Jill.  We have two adult kids, Kate and Nigel, who are both married. Jill and I became Christians in our mid – thirties at this church and I have been an Elder since 2010.  This is the only church that we have been part of and are very blessed to have seen the work that Jesus has done through it, particularly over recent years. For the past 43 years my day job has involved being an engineer.

Granger Bennett

Hi I’m Granger Bennett. I’m married to Minette and we have three kids – Josh (18), Caleb, (15), and Rebecca (12). My life changed when God started a wonderful work in me while I was studying engineering at uni. By my 2nd year I could not resist His call anymore and decided to take up my cross and follow Jesus. After uni I spent a good number of years in the Navy doing engineering and where I also had the opportunity of being involved with many interesting and exciting projects. In ‘98 we packed our bags for the US where I had an opening to do post graduate studies. After completing my studies we moved back to South Africa and in 2007 received a job offer from an Australian company which resulted in us moving to Perth. Through all the ups and downs of these years God has shown me that He is faithful, patient and abounding in love and mercy. The Bennett’s have been a part of the North Coast Church community for approximately 7 years.

Alan Pollard (Secretary)

I’m Alan Pollard and I have been married to Wendy for 25 years.

We have 6 kids and have been members of North Coast Church for 6 years.

I became a Christian at age 19 while at University, when God stopped me in my tracks. Wendy and I met in Canada and moved to Perth in 1993. My career has been in engineering within the mining industry.  I have held numerous roles in various churches, including treasurer and elder for 2 years. I sat on a board controlling the Presbyterian (Braemar) Homes For The Aged for 15 years.

Gunther Hoppe (Treasurer)

I’m Gunther and I’ve been married to Sarah for the last 17 years and we have two boys – Josh (13) and Mike (10). I made a decision to follow Jesus as my king in 1990 while I was at high school. Our family immigrated to Perth from Cape Town, South Africa in 2006 and joined North Coast Church about 3 months after arriving and have called this church home since then. I’ve been the church treasurer and an elder for a good deal of that time. I’m an accountant by training, currently working for local government in the waste industry.

Mike Arnott

Hi, I’m Mike. I am married to Leandra and we have two daughters, Taylor (11) and Ashleigh (10). Our family relocated to Perth from Cape Town in mid-2016 and we immediately immersed ourselves in the service of Christ here at North Coast Church. I am an accountant by training, later branched out into commercial law and am currently working in Risk. I was in my second year of serving as an elder in my local church in South Africa (St Matthews Table View – REACH SA) before emigrating to Australia.

I have been actively following Christ for the better part of twenty years

now and have realized that the key to growing in godliness is to live out  the appeal in Romans 12:1 to present myself a living sacrifice. That means consciously dying to my sinful desires each day, in accordance with Jesus’s instructions to would-be followers, so that I can follow the agenda that Jesus sets for believers – to love in a way that just doesn’t make sense to the world. Accordingly, I seek to make myself available to serve as the Lord has equipped me; and my ongoing prayer is that the Lord makes me an instrument of His love and peace and uses my life as a sign post to point people toward the grace and mercy that is only to be found in a relationship with Him through Jesus Christ.

Duane Olivier and Matt Malcolm are also members of the Oversight Board
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