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Watch Yourself Very Carefully



If you're a visitor here today, we're in number two. We're working our way through the book of Deuteronomy, for the love of God, and we're in number two. We began it last week and we're gonna pick it up this week again. So why don't I pray, and please have that passage open in front of you and we will look through it together. Let's pray.

Father, there are few things more hurtful or destructive of a relationship, where someone refuses to speak to someone else. There are few things that break up a relationship more than silence. Where someone will not share, or open their mind or share their feelings. Just won't talk to somebody. But Father, you've never been like that. You always speak. You speak day in and day out. All of creation speaks. But above all else, your word speaks. Here it is in front of us. So we want to be those who are quick to listen. Open our ears, our hearts, may we hear what you have to say to us. Please Lord, make us a listening and obeying people, for our good, for our happiness, for your glory. Amen.

You may not be aware of this. I came across this, this week, but did you know Australia's actually a very dangerous place to live? You may not have thought that, but did you know that 434 people die every single day in Australia? 400 and ... That's quite a sobering thought. Saturday night when you're watching Gardening Australia, because you love your wife, and you want to be there for her. Anyway, while you're watching this presentation, by the time you finished watching it, 434 people have died. Now that's a sobering thought. What's even more sobering, is did you know what the number one killer of Australians is? Number one killer; no rivals. Number one is in fact heart disease. Heart disease, and it's a very scary thought that what's going on inside of you, can kill you. Nevermind what's out there. What's inside of you, can kill you.

Well, for this reason, Australians take a lot of care. What we do as a society, we look after our hearts. We know this. There's even a thing called Heart Foundation. You know the Heart Foundation people, and they've got their little red hearts. If you go to Kohl's, and you go to Woolworth's, you only buy stuff that's got a little red heart on it, because the Heart Foundation says that's okay. That will protect your heart. We try and look after our hearts.

That's why everywhere you go there's calorie counts on everything. So, you can look after your heart.  You go to McDonald's and it'll tell you this burger has got all the calories you need for the next three weeks. It's all there for you. Or you go past a bus stop and it's got that internal organs all over it; ugly! But it's trying to say to you, "Look after your heart." And, fair enough. It's a good thing to do, don't you think? I'll give you another statistic, your heart may be the number one killer of people in Australia. Do you know what the only killer is of the human soul? It's not number one, it's only. What's the only killer of the human soul? The answer is, your heart. Your heart.

And of course I'm not talking about this little ticker that pumps blood. I'm not talking about that. I'll show you just now what I mean. But the Bible teaches us that the heart, that's the word the Bible uses, the heart is the center of your being. The heart is the real you. Everything flows from your ... Let me put it to you this way, your heart is the center of your loves. That's what your heart is. And your heart can kill you, or your heart can protect you. What you love will protect you. What you love will kill you as well. So, look at what the Bible says in the book of Proverbs. Look at this.  "Keep your heart with all vigilance." Why? "Cause from it flow the springs of life." Just that keep that up there for a while. Like water, bubbling up from a spring, it all comes from somewhere, a spring. You come from your heart. Your heart gushes out into who you are. Your heart is the epicenter of your loves.

Let me try and explain it to you. Everything about you flows from your heart. Your emotions, your feelings, where do they come from? They flow from what your heart loves. That'll determine your emotional life. The choices you make. Why do you make choices in life? Your choices are made on the basis of what your heart loves. Your heart is at the center of it all. Your mind ... How does your brain work? Well, all through the day your senses gather information, tastes, hearing, seeing .... It pulls information. What your brain does is your brain sorts and values them. "I like that. I don't like that. That's nice. That's ugly." But all of those value judgements are based on the heart. What your heart thinks. In fact, your mind will justify the choices you make. Whatever choices you make, based on your heart, your mind will come along and machinate and justify the choices you make.

In other words, how important is your heart? It's so important! You can live with a broken body, get some medicine. It's not going to be nice, but you can live. You can live with a broken mind. You can survive a broken mind, you can survive a broken mind, that's really not going to be nice. You can get some medicine, you can get help. It's not gonna be nice, but you can survive. But who can fix a broken heart? What medicine is there that can help with a broken heart? Therefore, surely, people, surely we want to protect our hearts. We look after the other one. It's on the bus stop. We look after our other heart, and that other heart, this little ticker, it can just kill your body. And it can only kill it once. But this heart I'm talking about, won't just kill your body. It'll kill your soul.

And after your dead, what does it do? Well, I'll tell you what it does. It puts you on a collision course with God, who designed it. And what you will find is for the rest of eternity you will oppose Him because of your heart. So, how much more value should we store on our heart?  Not this, but ... I can't draw it for you cause I don't know what it looks like. You get my point though? How valuable is the human heart? You know what the biggest danger to a human being is? I'm gonna tell it to you. Biggest danger to a human being is to love what isn't God. That's our biggest danger. This little thing inside of me, my heart, could, can you believe it, fall in love with something that's not God. Danger, big, big danger.

This is gonna go all the way through, I had some great questions this morning and they all came back to this Psalm. I'm gonna say it as clearly as I can. "What you love will determine your heaven and your hell." Your love will determine your heaven and your hell, and that's what Deuteronomy 4 is all about. Deuteronomy chapter four is all about guarding your heart. Actually, the church is the heart foundation. We're gonna learn over the next two weeks how to guard your heart. But look with me if you don't believe it. Look at four verse nine, "Only take care. Keep your soul diligently." See what it's saying in Deuteronomy four verse nine? "Keep your soul diligently." And I've got a few more, have a look on the PowerPoint. Look at this, this is all from Deuteronomy four. "Therefore, watch your selves very carefully." That's the title of this sermon. "Be weariless to raise your eyes ..." Be careful, oopsy. Don't look up and see something you might love more than God. That's what it's ... We'll get there. Beware. Take care, lest you forget. Watch out. Or verse 39, "Lay it to your heart." All of that, Deuteronomy four. What's Deuteronomy four about?  How to guard your heart. How to protect your heart. We've got two things. Here they are for you. "Treasure the Lord God's word. Treasure the Lord God alone." And that's part one and part two. Today, we're just gonna do number one. No, don't go there yet. Today, we're just gonna do number one, "Treasure the Lord God's word." Next week, we're gonna do "Treasure the Lord God alone."

And before I go on, look at the logic. Why do you say, "I thought we were gonna talk about protecting the heart? And you've got treasure the ... What are you saying?" Well, listen. Listen to Doctor Jesus, he's a cardiologist. He says, "Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also." So, if you wanna protect your heart, you gotta find some treasure where you can deposit it. Cause your heart will follow your treasure. So, I'm gonna show you from Deuteronomy four, that the way to protect your heart is to treasure the Lord God's word. And next week, "Treasure the Lord God alone." And that will protect you! If you treasure something else, that thing will save you if it can, or it will destroy you.

Have a look at it with me. Here's number one for today. "Treasure the Lord God's word." And there's two, so don't panic we're just gonna look at two things this morning. Number one, longer than the second one. "Don't tamper with His word." I'm showing you from Deuteronomy four, how to treasure the Lord God's word. Look with me, Deuteronomy chapter four verse one. "And now, oh Israel, listen to the statutes and the rules that I'm teaching." And I'll just pause there. Look at those first two words, "And now," okay? This is actually very important. What's been happening is Deuteronomy chapter one, two, and three we did a sermon on it last week. And there's two growth groups studies on it. What Moses has done is he's rehearsed the history of Israel. "This is what God did. This is what God did. This is what God did." And then he gets to chapter four, from four to eleven is the preaching. But, look at verse one. "And now, do this!" And that logic is so important.

History leads to obedience.  History is about what God has done. Now, you obey Him. That's logic. That is such important logic. God rescued you from Egypt. He brought you all through the wilderness. He beat up Og, remember that cool name? He beat up Simon. He's brought you here. Now obey Him. You think I'm making a big deal? But religion does the opposite. Religion says, "Obey God, and He'll do stuff for you." That's not Christianity. Biblical Christianity is God has done stuff for you, now you obey Him. Get it? You and I haven't been saved from Egypt. I'm ... Who's ever been saved from Egypt here? Although I had such bad gastro in Egypt, I was saved from Egypt, but that's another subject. So, we don't look back to Egypt, we look back to what? To the cross. Where Jesus Christ did something for us. He died the death we deserved. He died for us, and when we look back at that history we got. Okay, that's what God did, I shall now do stuff for Him. I obey in response. God acts first, I act second. He commands ...

Religion says, "No, no, no. You act first. You obey God. Give your money to God. He'll give you money back!" No, no, that's not Christianity. Christianity is He does stuff first, and we respond in obedience. We don't obey God to be saved, we obey God because he has saved us. And, yet for all that, let me be as clear as I can. Without obedience, you can't be saved. Let me show it to you. Look in verse one, "And now Israel, in the light of everything God has done. Listen to the statutes and rules that I'm teaching you, and do them ..." Why? "That you may live." In other words, if you disobey God, you will not live. It's very simple. If you disobey God, you will not live. And more, you won't get to the place He's promised you. Look at the end of verse one there. "Go in, take possession of the land that the Lord your God of your fathers has given you."

Friends, I wanna say this as clear as I can. Let me say it. You will not get to heaven unless you obey God. You're not gonna get there. You will not live. You will go into the land the Lord the God has promised you, unless you obey Him. Now everyone hear me. But you will not get to heaven because you obey Him. So, everyone can breathe a sigh of relief.  Cause we know we don't do it perfectly. You're not going to get to heaven because you obey Him. You'll get to heaven because Jesus obeyed Him on your behalf. However, you will be excluded from heaven by your disobedience. Let me say it again. Your obedience will not get you to heaven, but your disobedience will exclude you from heaven.

If you carry on with pornography, you will not go to heaven. You heard it here, and you will die, and you will be absolutely surprised cause your whole life you called yourself a Christian. And your whole life you believed in God, but you didn't stop pornography, you will be excluded. You heard it here, and Moses says the same thing. And the book of Revelations says "Outside are the sexually immoral."

You heard it here very clearly, don't deceive yourself. And there is proof of this in verse three. Cause look at what Moses says in verse three. He says this is the way God has always worked. Verse three, "Your eyes have seen what the Lord did at Baalpeor. For the Lord your God destroyed from among you, Israel, the people of God. From among you, all those who followed the Baal of Peor." Why have I picked on the Baal of Peor? No, I haven't, Moses did. So, why did I pick on pornography? Cause that's Baal of Peor. If you go to Numbers 25, what did the men of Israel do? They started committing sexual immorality. Even though they were God's people saved from Egypt. but they committed sexual immorality and what did God do? Numbers 25, He told the Levites to grab a sword and go and stab, cut, flay, kill. And a whole lot of God's people died. God's not joking, "If you disobey me, you will not get there." He's telling you.

But, there's such encouragement, because look at what He says in verse four.  [00:18:18] "But you, who held fast to the Lord your God, are alive today."  Those who treasured Him, and treasured His word.  They were saved! Those who disobeyed Him, were excluded. But the critical point is verse two, "You shall not add to the word I command you, nor take away from it, that they may treasure. Keep the commandments of the Lord your God that I command you."

This is so important, don't add to God's words.  And, look, we got to get ... We got lunch coming up, so I can't go on forever, but I've got so many examples of this. You know? Don't believe the official Roman Catholic church, where the official teaching is when the Pope speaks ex-cathedral, what he says is what Jesus says. But, Moses says, "Don't add. Do not add to God's word." Nobody, it doesn't matter what your title is. Don't add to it. Don't believe those who come up to you and say, "God told me to tell you that ..." Don't believe it! Everything God told you is written here for you. Don't add to it.

But, don't take away from it either. And that's the liberal mistake. You look at the Bible and you go, "Ooh, you know this teaching on gender. Is it really binary? Is there really only male and female? Really?" Yes! "Oh, but that doesn't fit, I know a friend who really ..." I know their struggle. I love them, I care for their struggles, but they're wrong. There is only male and there is only female. We can't have ... Sexuality ... In other words, liberal is there parts of the Bible which are, I think they're outdated. There as old as the 80's you know how long ago that was! Don't take away from the Bible, don't add to the Bible.

And then what Moses does is he gives us three incentives, which I haven't got up for you. "Don't tamper with His word." And then what Moses does, is he gives us three reasons, incentives, why we should treasure God's word just as it is. Everything you need to know, people, is here. Three reasons why you should obey it. Number one, mission. It's not on the PowerPoint, but it's mission. Look at what he says in verse five and six. In other words, mission, this is your calling. Look at verse five and six. "See, I have set ..." No, my eyes are failing me, verse five, "See I've taught you statutes and rules as the Lord my God commanded me that you should do them, obey them, in the land that you are entering to take possession of it. Keep them, do them," Here's the first reason, "That will be your wisdom, your understanding in this sight of other peoples, who when they hear about this all this law, these statutes, they'll say "Whoa, surely this is a great nation!  It's a wise and understanding people."

What's the first reason to obey God's word? It's because Christianity and God's people have always lived on a stage. The world's watching. And when we obey God, we're doing mission because people look at us, and go, "Oh, so that's how it's meant to be." Get it? What makes a nation great? No nation ever rises above its values. What a nation values the most, that will make it great, or make it terrible. For God's people, the word of God is our value. It's our treasure, and that will make us live on a public stage, and stick out like a sore thumb, and be a mission, a witness to people. In other words, what I'm saying is ethics and mission are inseparable.

The world looks at us, we obey God, we make the Gospel attractive. The world looks at us and says, "See North Coast Church, so that's how men are supposed to treat women.  Ah, I get it now. Ah, there's a whole bunch of men, full of testosterone, they love women, and they hate pornography. Ah, so that's what a real man is. I get it now. I didn't know that before." See? They look at us, and say, "So, that's what it means for women to be treasured and respected. And for husbands to lead, by laying down their lives for their woman. Where was I, what textbook was gonna teach me that?" But God's people will show it to you.

As we obey Him, or let's think about racism. What a joy in Australia, everywhere they're trying to fight racism. What a great thing that is. But they need to look at the church. Those who obey God's word, and go, "Oh, so that's how black, white, and all the shades in between ... That's how they love each other! That's how." In fact, it's only the church that's got a reason to reject racism. The world wants to, but it hasn't got a reason really. Evolution will never give you a reason to reject racism, but the Bible does.

We live on a public stage, mission. The second incentive to obey God's word is, listen, God's availability to us. Look with me in verse seven.  I can't find it either. There it is! "For what great ..." I went to spec-savers this week, those stupid little comments are soon gonna come to an end. Verse seven, "what great nation is there that has a God so near to it as the Lord our God is near to us whenever we call upon Him." What's that about? Moses is saying, "But, duh, why wouldn't you obey God since He's on tap? Why wouldn't you obey God cause He's always there for you?"

Parents, isn't this the best reason why your children should obey you? Mum and Dad, do you know why I listen to you? Cause you were always there for me. Yes! But, that's how it should be with your Father, He's always there for you. I watched a staff member, shall remain nameless, changing a nappy. I've graduated, but, man, this young father was changing his child's nappy. Well, all I can say it was apocalyptic. That's my best description. That was nuclear fallout if ever there was a nuclear fallout. This father patiently went about his grotty business, just with love and tenderness.

And I thought to myself, "How can that kid ever disobey a father who did that?" I mean, really? Now I'm thinking, think about your ... Moses says your Father's ... What great nation has a God on tap when you've called Him? Why wouldn't' you obey Him? "Father, I so badly wanna do this, and oh I really, really wanna do this, but I know you're right here with me. I'm gonna walk away with you. You're not far up saying, "Sort it out boy!" You're with me." What great nation has a father right next to you, whenever we call on Him? He's there.

Third reason why we should obey Him, mission, God's proximity, third reason, our own good! Look it with me there, verse eight. What great nation is there, that has statutes and rules, listen ... So righteous as this word, this law that I set before you today. The word of God is its own reward! I don't obey God to be blessed. I obey God, therefore I am blessed because obedience is the reward. These laws, God's word is so good! It's so wholesome! Friends, this was displayed in front of us this week.

So, this week, Billy Graham died, 99 years old. Don't you feel like, a few more months Lord he would've made it, but anyway. Billy Graham, 99 years old. Now, the Australian media, which hates Christianity, was actually very nice. And they wrote a piece, you know Billy Graham, not a scandal in his life. His whole life, 99 years a long time, faithful to his wife. Think with me, do you think Billy Graham missed out? Do you think he died, he's obeyed God for 99 years, do you think on his deathbed he's thinking, "Oh that was a waste. There was that one secretary, oh, I could've grabbed her. I should've man, but ..." He died peace, joy, content, because obedience works! It's good for us!

Let me give you another example, Barnaby Joyce, that's the opposite. Barnaby Joyce, can you believe it? He disobeyed God, had an affair with his secretary. I see there's another allegation of sexual, whatever, against him this past week. There is Barnaby Joyce, his political career is in tatters. His reputation is shot. He's a man who obviously can't say no to himself. Disobedience doesn't work.

Now, let me ask you a genuine question. Who's happier? This morning as he woke up, who's happier, Billy Graham or Barnaby Joyce? Which one's having more fun? Obedience works. God's word is works. It's for our own joy, says Moses. You know this is true. You drive past a speeding camera when you're not speeding. How much fun is that? It's so fun! Obedience works, but it's not just individual. Look at what Moses says in verse eight,  what great nation is ... It's corporate! History has shown, beyond any doubt, wherever biblical Christianity has been in the ascendancy, society has flourished. There's peace. Women are protected, even animals are looked after. The poor, children ... History, I mean come argue with me. History.

Now, I'll ask you a genuine question. Where in the history of the world has atheism led to a flourishing society? Can you give me an example? Let me ask you another, oh, this is controversial. Where in the world has Islam created a society where women are free and protected? Where? I'm asking. Where in the world has Hinduism created an equal and just society? The Hindu caste system is the most inequitable thing ever invented by man! Moses says, these laws, these rules, God's word will be for your flourishing. What nation will be like you?

Folks, we are so blessed to have the word of God, look at verse seven. "What great nation is there?" Verse eight, "What great nation ..." We are lucky, lucky, lucky, lucky. We have His word. Don't tamper with it. Treasure it. For all those reasons.

Secondly, and more briefly, and finally, here's the next thing. Don't forget His word. What are we doing? We're seeing how to treasure God's word. And the second thing is, don't forget His word. You know as Moses stands there, okay, so you gotta picture straw, grass, whatever waving in the wind, crowds of people there, he's preaching. He's telling them, "Don't tamper with God's word." But, I think he comes across something that's even more scary. He looks up and he thinks, "What are these guys gonna do? I'll tell you what they're gonna do. They're gonna go into the promised land, they're gonna have milk and honey, they're gonna get fat, they're gonna buy jet skis, and they're going to forget God's word."

And as I as a pastor of this church, I don't think we're gonna add to God's word. I don't think we're gonna take away from it. I think we're just gonna forget it. Cause we're having too much fun. And that's what Moses addresses from verse nine. Look carefully, "Therefore, only take care. Keep your soul diligently. Why? Lest you forget the things I've said." That's the number one danger. Oh, danger, I was thinking of the word amnesia and then it jumped into the word danger. My point though is, amnesia, that's the big danger. Why are we not loving God's word? Because we've got TV, so we forget it. And, especially, the next generation.

Look with me, look at verse nine, "Watch out! Lest you forget the things your eyes have seen. Lest they depart from your heart." How do they leave your heart? Well, you forgot them. "All the days of your life," Now watch this, "Make them known to your children and your children's children." The danger for the church is generational drift. That's the biggest, biggest danger. Church history, this is how it works, I'll tell you the formula, are you ready? Here's the formula. Number one, the first generation loves and treasures the Gospel. It's front and center in everything they do. The next generation, well, of course we believe those things. We just assume the Gospel, it's not front and center, but of course we believe those things. The next generation forgets the Gospel, can't remember what we're really about. The next generation denies the Gospel. That's how it's lost, it's shift.

And that's what happens in the church, and so Moses says to them, "No! Make sure you teach, never forget." Look at this verse here, we studied 1 Peter last year. Look what he says, this is 1 Peter writing, "Therefore, I intend always to give you the same sermons as I did last week," No, sorry, "Therefore, I intend to always to remind you of these qualities. Even though you know them! And you're established in the Truth that you have. You're established! You know them, but I'm gonna remind you anyway. I think it right. As long as I'm in this body, to stir you up by way of reminder.

So, as a church, let me apply this to us. By the way, actually, I won't do that. I just wanna quickly, we're not gonna spend much time on the next verses. But I just wanna show you, what does Moses want us to pass on to the next generation before I apply it? And look what he says, look what he says, verse ten. This is what you pass on to your children, are you ready? "How on the day that you stood before the Lord your God [inaudible 00:34:15]. That's Mount Sinai. The [inaudible 00:34:17] gathers the people to me, that I may lift them [inaudible 00:34:21] my words. So, that they may learn to fear me all the days that they live on Earth, and that they may teach their children also."

What must we teach our children? The words of God. "You heard my words, teach your children those words." And this stands out, look with me at verse 11-14. Cause there's a hoo hah here, watch this. "And you came near," Verse 11, "And you stood at the foot of the mountain, while the whole mountain burned with fire, to the heart of heaven, wrecked in darkness, cloud, gloom." This is a cosmic audio-visual production. It's huge! It's going nuts! But, then watch verse 12.  "Then the Lord spoke to you out of the midst of the fire, you heard the sound of words, you saw no form, it was only a voice, and He declared to you His covenant, which He commanded you to obey, to perform. That is the ten commandments. He wrote them on the tablets of stone. And the Lord God commanded me at that time to teach you His word, statutes, and rules. That you may do them in the land you're going over to be lift.

Now listen, this strikes me.  Man, huge experience of God! What must the parents pass onto their children? Encounters with God 101. You need a mountain, you need fire. No! Pass on the word of God. After all those signs and wonders, and they were signs and wonders. The take home is just words. Don't teach your children to expect drama. Teach them the word of God. In fact, there's no expectation that this'll ever happen again, and it doesn't until the New Testament when Jesus comes and, boom, signs and wonders. Because whenever someone speaks the words of God, it's authenticated by signs and wonders. Once you've got it, there's only words left. That's all we have. Teach your children the Bible.

Now I wanna apply this, as we head towards a close. How do we obey this? Don't forget His word. Teach it to the next ... How do we apply it? Well, let me start with parents. Parents, actually, no! All the mums can switch off. Fathers, husbands, I'm gonna ask you straight out. Are you doing this? Are you reading the Bible with your family? It's not a complicated, it's not rocket surgery. Fathers, are you reading the Bible with your family? Confess if you're not. Confess, go to your growth group leader and say, "I have disobeyed the Lord in this area. I have done wrong." Be a man. Be a man! Go to your family, your wife, you wanna earn creed with your children, just confess. Confess in front of teenagers, and you are glorious. Go to your family, to your wife and your kids, and say, "Daddy has disobeyed God. I have not done the right thing in front of you all. I'm sorry. It's gonna change from today." And read the Bible with your ... Why wouldn't you?

Teach them to your children! I'm not saying you need to turn into Charles Haddon Spurgeon of the night. Some daddies can't string three words together, nor can I really. I'm not saying you need to be a preacher. Just do it! Pull the Bible out after dinner, or whenever suits your family, after you've gone in the bush and killed animals, or whatever your family does. Haul the Bible out, pick a passage, read it. And then say, "What do you people think?" Discuss it! You don't have to be a Spurgeon. Teach your children the word of God! Repent, listen, obey.

But let me apply to our church. Teach the children to the next children, and that's how we don't forget our word. I mean North Coast Church, I've called us, but North Coast Church, how are we not gonna free? Here's what we'll do; North Coast's youth. Will you pray for, and support, North Coast's youth? It's there to do this! I was there on Friday night, listening to J-Dub, that's not the [inaudible 00:39:08]. Now you're pulling your kids out of youth. No, no, J-Dub is a nickname I call Joe Wilson. He was preaching on Friday night. Do you know what our children got taught on Friday night? I mean how's this for not a way to grow your youth. For the wages of sin is death. There's Joe telling all those teenagers that they're gonna die if they sin! I mean that's not a way to grow youth. Let's get a skateboard park or something. Pray for him! Encourage him!

I wanna talk to all the people here.  We are not a cult. Your children do not have to come our youth. They don't. Feel free, but for goodness' sake, will you check what they're being taught? Will you phone the youth leader at that other church, and say, "Hey mate, what part of the Bible are you teaching my children this week?" Or, do you just let them go because they've got friends there? Your children don't need friends more than they need the word of God. Wake up! Check that they're being taught an authentic Jesus.

I heard about a Jesus in a youth group the other day, I don't even like Him. Check.

What about North Coast kids? Pray, support North Coast kids, Al and Rochelle. Parents, go to them and say, "So what are you teaching my children?" Find out! As we teach them the word of God.  I texted Al when I was preparing this on Saturday. I was blown away. We have at our church about 80 volunteers helping with North Coast kids. Eight-zero. How serious do we take teaching the children the word of God? It's so encouraging. By the way, please pray for a venue, this is great for us. It doesn't work for Sunday school, for the North Coast ... It does, but it's not good. This morning again, one class, 52 kids in one class. We need our own venue.

But, before you worry about youth and kids and dads, watch yourself. Look at verse nine, look at verse nine, "Keep your soul diligently, lest you forget the things your eyes have seen. Lest they depart from your heart." People, Moses is not saying, "Read your Bible." Moses is saying, "Remember your Bible." Big difference. There's no way to get around this, other than memorization.

Take a verse every day, make it a habit. One verse, memorize it! And for the rest of your day on the stock exchange, as you're making your Bitcoin trillions, just let that one verse keep going through your mind. Remember it. This will guard your heart.

I wanna close. There it is. "Treasure the Lord God's word, don't tamper with His word, don't forget His word." Now here's the question! How does that keep my heart safe? How does that keep my heart safe? I'm gonna explain it to you. You're heart will only go after what it loves. And because we're such sinners, our eyes show us things, "Ooh, jet ski!" Or, whatever. And your heart decides to love it. So, the only way you're gonna protect your heart is if your heart decides to love something else. Which is the word of God.

So, look at this verse. Brilliant. Best psychology in the whole world is in the Bible. Look at this, Proverbs 23, "My son, give me your heart. Let your eyes delight in my ways. For a prostitute is a deep pit, an adulteress is a narrow well," Now, watch how clever this is! "My son, stop being naughty! Don't go to loose women! Naughty!" No, "Give me your heart. Let your eyes delight in my word, in my way." What are we being taught here, here's, you see an available ... By the way, prostitutes in the Old Testament doesn't mean you have to pay her, it's just an available woman. Barnaby knows about these things.

What, how will you stop going after an available woman? How will you do it? You look at her, we can't tell a lie. Let's be honest. She's stunning! I can't lie! She's brilliant, et cetera. How am I gonna say no? The eleventh command, no?  Here's how. If my heart loves something else more, if I treasure something else more. One treasure will drive out another treasure. And that's what the Bible's saying. Treasure God's word, and then you won't see these things. They won't have the same impact upon you.

The only way to guard your heart is to treasure God's word. And next week, to treasure Him.

There's only one ... I don't know how bad you're feeling, cause I'm feeling terrible. You know? We all fail. There's only one person who's ever done this, let's be honest. There's only one person who has ever obeyed Deuteronomy. Jesus Christ. Here's the true Israel. Here's the one, and let me tell you this, if you come to Jesus, what He'll do, is He'll take all your disobedience from you because he died on the cross in your place. And he'll do more! He'll give you all His obedience. That's how you get to heaven, cause Jesus will give you all His righteousness because He lived the life you should have lived. But, here's the best thing of all. If you come to Him, Doctor Jesus is the world's greatest cardiologist. He can give you a new heart. Not this thing. He'll give you a heart to love Him, and to treasure Him. All you have to do, ask Him. He'll do it for you.

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