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May 31 - June 3

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State Youth Games is fun-filled sports weekend for 16 – 30 year old’s, held in Bunbury on the June long weekend (31st May – 2nd June).

Churches from all over Western Australia come together to participate in a variety of sports from Netball, Volleyball and Ultimate Frisbee, to those not as physically demanding in Fishing, E-Sports and Uno, and everything in between.

It is a great weekend to hang out with likeminded young adults, meet other Christians, glorify our God and have fun while we’re at it. We can’t wait to see you there! Make sure you sign up and invite your friends.

When: 31st – 2nd June 2023 (WA day long weekend)
Where: Bunbury
Cost: $180

If you have any questions, please contact Tom Lowndes on 0413 779 423 or email at


To make this weekend work, we also need lots of volunteers to come and serve to help NCYA during the event. Accomodation and meals are FREE! Some of the roles that you could fill are listed below, but if you aren’t sure please get in touch as I’m sure there is something that would suit you.

Volunteers needed for:

  • Making lunches on Saturday and Sunday
  • Assisting with breakfast and dinner prep
  • Scoring individual sports/games
  • Umpiring individual sports
  • First Aid
  • Coordinating sport competitions
  • COVID Marshals
  • Many more…

If you think you might be able to help, please get in touch as we are sure there is a role for YOU! We ask for you to prayerfully consider coming to serve at SYG to assist in the growth and community of our North Coast Young Adults! 

To volunteer, sign up here.


On Friday night there is an Opening Ceremony where the different churches are introduced and the weekend is kicked off. We then coordinate teams participating in various events for each of the timeslots. There are 4 sports timeslots (called Quarters) - Saturday morning and afternoon, and Sunday morning and afternoon. Evenings are spent with your team having fun and hanging out together.

In past years we have stayed at Eaton Recreation Centre and that will likely be ongoing. We sleep on the basketball courts and participants bring all their own sleeping/bedding gear (i.e. mattress, pillows, blankets, etc.). We split the court into a boys end and girls end.

For some sports you do need your own equipment but if you do not have any then let us know and we can hopefully arrange this prior to going down to Bunbury. i.e. Tennis/Badminton racquet, if you want boots/mouthguards for AFL9s, Soccer, etc.

You can email or request this in the comments section when you put in your preferences. It is very tricky to make teams and take peoples preferences into consideration but where possible we will do the best that we can to accommodate people’s team requests.

There is a 1 Day Attendance option when you register. It is recommended to come down and stay with the team the night before as sports kick off at 8.30am ish (so it’s a very early wake up to get down from Perth in time). 1 Day attendance will cover 1 night of accommodation with the team, 1 lunch and dinner and a team shirt.

SYG almost always falls on the weekend before University Exams and students have lots of options. In Bunbury there are lots of cafes to study or you can pop into ECU South West Campus or Bunbury Library for some peace and quiet. You can list yourself as “AWAY” for a certain timeslot if you want to ensure you can have a morning/afternoon or two to study and still be involved and apart of the team!

Absolutely! You just need to send an email to and let them know what size you are after and how many. Orders are finalised on FRIDAY 13th MAY.

If you want to be involved but have no way to get to or from Bunbury then get in touch with us at There is also an option when you register that says “I NEED HELP WITH TRANSPORT” and clicking that will prompt us to get in touch with you.

Absolutely! When you register for SYG it will ask you what sports you would like to have for your 3 preferences. There is also a drop down box that will say “PLAYER”. If you would like to volunteer for a timeslot instead you can change that option to “VOLUNTEER” and put in volunteering preferences.

Volunteers have accommodation with the team, and all of their meals covered by us. Our volunteers normally have the option to stay on the basketball courts with the team or in a Volunteers room which is essentially a large carpeted classroom shared with the other volunteers. You would still need to bring your own bedding. Alternatively, you could book accommodation close to the team and drive in and out to help but mornings are usually pretty early starts.

YES! We are very grateful for any volunteers so if you register as a volunteer you can put preferences in for 2 or the timeslots on one day and then list yourself as “AWAY/UNAVAILABLE” for the other slots. If you have questions, please get in touch with Tom Lowndes or email

Tom Lowndes runs our Young Adults events/programs, including our State Youth Games team with his wife Caitlin. You can find him at church or by emailing Tom is also happy for people to call him on 0413 779 423.

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