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Study Series: Growing in True Grace

Growing up by being grounded in Scripture

Here Peter teaches us that the way to grow up is to grow down – rooted down into the Bible. We need constant reminding of the truth of the Old and New Testaments and the morality that this truth produces in us. All of this is against the backdrop of false teaching that attacks both

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False Teaching

This is the heart of the letter. Chapter 2 is a long invective against false teachers and their false teaching. The language is vivid and dramatic. Through it all we see how God keeps those who tremble at His word safe, while preserving those who distort it for the day of judgement.

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Growing in Godliness

The way to avoid false teaching is to grow in godliness. One of the aids to grow in godliness is to bear in mind the seriousness of sin and the certainty of coming judgement. In this study we explore what Peter says about this in the first ten verses of chapter 3.

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Growing in True Grace

In this last study of 2 Peter we consider the seriousness of the great Day of God and we learn how to prepare for it. Peter also returns to the main theme of the whole letter – growing in true grace in order to avoid false teaching.

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In this study we introduce the letter of 2 Peter by looking at author, recipients and purpose. We also get a general ‘feel’ for the letter by thinking about the main idea of the letter.

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Growing into godliness

God has given us everything we need to escape the corruption in the world caused by evil desire and share in His Divine nature. This astounding truth is the main idea that we unpack in this study.

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