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Study Series: Standing in True Grace

Grace that Defines Us

In this first study we carefully consider the opening two verses of the letter of 1 Peter. We introduce the main idea of the letter from Peter’s own words and then consider how grace has defined the Christian identity in terms of three vital relationships: the Christian in relation to the Triune God, the unbelieving

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Grace that gives us solid hope

Here we see clearly what ‘True Grace’ looks like. Verses 3-12 set out the breath-taking salvation that God has achieved for Christians and the solid hope that Christians have been born again into. We consider that as unpleasant as suffering is, it is part of God’s plan and grace to us and is our calling

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Grace that transforms us

Following on from what God has done for us in the previous study, we now start seeing how we ‘Stand in the True Grace’ in verse 1:13 – 2:3. In other words, we begin looking at the imperatives (what we do) that follow the indicatives (what God has done). In particular, we see how grace

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Grace that incorporates us

In this study, 2:4 – 10, we see how grace incorporates us – that is, how grace takes us from being selfish individualists and makes us members of a new race of people defined by Jesus Christ. Christians are a spiritual house, a holy priesthood and a sacrificing people. All this shows us how Christians,

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Grace that makes us witness

Here we answer the big question, ‘what for?’ 1 Peter 2:11 – 25 shows us what role God has given Christians in the world. We see that, just like Israel in the Old Covenant, Christians (both Jew and Gentile), are His witnesses in the world today. We focus on two aspects of our calling: Gospel

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Grace that makes us love

In this study we look at grace shaped love in the home family and in the church family. We see marriage as part and parcel of our ongoing witness to the watching world and we think a little bit about serving each other in the community of grace.

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The grace of innocent suffering

This study really is the heart of the letter. To suffer unjustly is the call of Christ on all His followers. We see what resources God has given us, not just to cope, but rejoice in unjust suffering.

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The God of all grace

Still in the context of suffering, Peter teaches us about the suffering community, how it is led, what its characteristics are, how it resists Satan, and the glorious future that awaits those who suffer faithfully for Jesus Christ.

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