Be our guest!

Are you new to our church? You’re invited…

Welcome Lunches are an ideal way to meet other newcomers and church leaders in an informal setting – over a free catered lunch!  Eating together is usually the best way to make new friends.

Our Welcome Lunches are specifically designed to help newcomers find out the “Who?”, “Why?” and “What?” of our church.  It is an ideal opportunity to find out the basics of our church, and there is an open question time for you to ask anything you like.  You will probably be interested in the questions others ask also.  Bring your whole family including the kids.

We are running several Welcome Lunches in 2018 so the next one is never far away (the next is February 25th, 2018).  We hold them at the same place we meet for church, so they are easy to get to.  This is designed for people who connect with either the 9:30am or 5:00pm service.  More info will arrive soon.

RSVPs are preferred for catering purposes, but there is extra allowance made for people who just turn up on the day.  All are welcome!

To RSVP, or just make a query about the next Welcome Lunch, use the form below.

No 5PM Service on Sunday 31st December & 7th January 2018. Please join us at 9:30am instead!Plan a Visit