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The vision for North Coast Women is to magnify God’s glory, by growing women in joyful devotion to God’s word, as we remain rooted in His gospel.

One way of doing this is by following the Titus 2 mandate of older women teaching other women, what accords with sound doctrine. Our Titus 2 book groups aim also at bridging the inter-generational gap between women and encouraging loving, caring and discipling of each other.

These groups will meet once a month at a predetermined time and place, to discuss a chapter of a book, and spend the year reading that book. So that you get the most out of this experience, we highly recommend that you commit to attend a group for the whole year. This will enable genuine relationships to grow and us to be an encouragement to each other.

Places are limited so sign up by February 12th to avoid missing out!

Sign up for a group

Group 1
Leader: Esther Croote
Book: “A Praying Life”
by Paul Miller
When: Sat 8.30 am
Where: Hamersley
Group 3
Leader: Nicolie Stephenson
Book: ”Caring For One Another”
by Edward T Welch
When: Sat 2 pm
Where: Greenwood
Group 2
Leader: Phillipa Wills
Book: ”Caring For One Another”
by Edward T Welch
When: Tue 9.30 am
Where: Carine
Group 4
Leader: Caroline Veale and Liz Jackaman
Book: When Words Matter Most
by C Marshall & C Newheiser
When: Sat 2 pm
Where: Warwick
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