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Our “She Prays” night is held in the Café at Church, on a Wednesday night once a term from 7pm-7.45pm.

We are so pumped to have nights like these to have fellowship with other women and to see God work in the prayers we hand over to him.

Now we know prayer is powerful and Jesus intercedes for us, so what a beautiful opportunity to meet as Women and pray together for not only our Church, but also things beyond us like our families, even the lost.

If you find praying in front of people daunting, please still come along and just be with your sisters as we meet together. You can still be an encouragement just by being there with one another.

So, if you are a prayer warrior or just learning to pray or just want to be still in God’s presence, we can’t wait to see you. Remember it’s not our words God wants its our hearts.

At the core we are being brought together by being connected to a mighty God.

If you are needing personal prayer at the end, there will be Women available to pray with you.

Enjoy a cuppa, bring a friend, Mum, Sister and join us for “She Prays” each term.

Keep a look out for dates on our social media pages on Facebook.

Love the “She Prays” team

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