North Coast Church

How would you describe yourself?  And how would you describe who you are in Christ?  Free, loved, a child of God? What about being holy?  We would all agree God is Holy, but would we dare claim that we are holy?

We are delighted to invite you to join us to explore this topic at the biggest high tea that North Coast Church has ever hosted.  A beautiful high tea infused with the riches of Gods word as Clare Deeves shows us from Hebrews 10 why, when Christ is our saviour, we are holy. But even more importantly why it matters that we know we are. She will help us with questions like: 

Can I sin and 5 min later pray for someone who is sick?  

Can I stuff up monumentally and then go to church and sing songs of praise to God?

Don’t miss out on a great opportunity to be built up, getting to know one another whilst enjoying a delicious high tea, as we explore the impact of knowing that you have been made holy and fully acceptable to God.  

We can’t wait to see you on Saturday 4 May, at 1:30pm at North Coast Church. 

Registration are now closed.

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